our philosophy

Since a couple of years online performance is a very important marketing tool for brands and companies 


One mayor advantage is the fast and direct customer communication without covering waste in your specific target group.


you are getting fast and unfiltered feedback for individual strategy adjustments


 mutual benefits :

  • Short ways, fast communication and high flexibility are our mayor skills !
  • In cooperation with us you have a partner who understands your company, your message and your product 
  • We develop together the best strategy and realize it successfully 
  • appointed flexible and project wise 


we are taking care for business sectors where we bring in high knowledge and passion

Lifestyle & Fashion


Long term experience as sales agency, high profile background and our addiction to exclusive and fancy products qualifies us to be a competent consultant for your lifestyle and fashion products

Technic & Multimedia


technical innovation is essencial in our modern time and a topic which always fascinated us 

Technic means for us comfort, lifestyle and brings the world closer together 

Hores & Dogs


after being active more than 30 years with horses and dogs , we are happy to use our passion for business - we have the knowledge , love and experience for a successful marketing of your products 


Background :

In my longterm experience as classic sales agent of Fashion & Lifestyle products I  had myself worked a lot with press and PR agencies and discovered the communication with them very often as laborious.

I learned that the PR agencies have very good media contacts on the one side but on the other side they often have no knowledge about the customers business and their specific products.

At the end the quality of the marketing campaign was only based on the briefing from customers end and maybe not that perfect as it could be.